Soapstone Owl Incense Burner 3PC

Soapstone Owl Incense Burner 3PC

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Standing at 4.25", this wise owl is a multi tasker!

His base holds a tealight or votive. His beautiful hand carved body easily lifts for changing your candle and his top piece holds your incense cones, fragrance or essential oils or even Resin Incense.

He will happily work to burn any of the above, all while keeping watch over your nest! Because of his platform base, you do not need to worry about heat transfer on your tabletop.

Due to the handmade nature of these, each one looks a bit different. They are cut from soapstone, which is, ya, a stone-so each is unique.

This awesome guy is rather heavy and is available for $7 Shipping & Handling or Free Local Store Pickup.

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