Hand Sanitizer Ginger & Lemon

Hand Sanitizer Ginger & Lemon

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You may never go back to store bought, mass manufactured hand sanitizer after trying this! It is made from 100% Real Aloe, like from the plant, from my yard! 91% Isopropyl Alcohol and Essential Oils.

It is more liquid than gel, so you use 1/2 as much. When it fully dries, your hands feel so soft and silky. Nothing like that icky other mass produced product.

The Essential Oils add to the luxe feeling, soothe the skin and smells amazing!

The lovely pink color comes from the Ginger Essential Oils blending with the Alochol.

Please note this is currently SOLD OUT. You can backorder it & it will be back in stock May 11th.

$3 United States S/H

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