Charcoal + Essential Oils Incense 18"
Charcoal + Essential Oils Incense 18"

Charcoal + Essential Oils Incense 18"

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These are truly the best Incense you will ever find! They are made with pure Charcoal and Essential Oils. The result is a slow burning incense with a clean burn. No black smoke trail here...just white and uplifting! 

The cold throw on these is just lovely, with a burn scent that stays true. These are all hand dipped in the the traditional Hindi & Indian ways and will burn for approximately 1 hour, depending on the air circulation in your space. If you have a ceiling fan running, they will burn through faster. 

Minimum Order: 25 Sticks

Fun Fact: Always burn your incense from a surface as high as you can reach. The light, clean white smoke will rise and fill the ceiling before descending, leaving you with a more fulfilling scent experience and the scent will last longer. When you come back from errands, it will still smell amazing! (Don't ever leave product burning unattended, because, well, duh. Burn responsibly) 

Alternative Uses: The Shower!  Get a bundle of 25 sticks of Eucalyptus, tie them all together with jute, secure extra tight with a double bow. Use a suction cup and hang them up in your shower, out of the water spray. The heat and moisture will release the essential oils giving you a breath of cleansing Eucalyptus to clear your nose and throat, with a refreshing take away!

Car Air Freshener! Ditch the ugly hanging trees and give your self an aromatherapy session while you drive. Take a bundle of 10 sticks, break them in half and tie each group together. Place in your cup holder, front seat and back or under the seats and when your car is closed up, the heat retained in the car will release the essential oils. Each time you hop in your ride, get a good, deep breath of your favorite, healing essential oils!

Choose from a variety of amazing scents:

-White Sage 
-Dragon Blood

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