Zimms Farm Designs

We are David & Aimee, husband and wife team that live on a small farm in the beautiful Verde Valley of Arizona. Our love of sign making started during a difficult season when Aimee was very sick with Lyme disease. Making signs became a creative outlet and a way to share something meaningful with others. A friend, who was also walking a difficult road with terminal cancer, mentioned liking a sign with a bible verse and Aimee instantly knew she had to make it for her. She loved it so much that she encouraged us to start a business and thus the roots of Zimms Farm Designs began to grow slowly.

Now as Aimee has regained her health, we are more passionate than ever to make statement pieces of faith and inspiration for others. Each piece is truly HANDmade on the farm while trying to SHOO away our goats and chickens in the process…and we wouldn’t have it any other way! We hope you will be encouraged and get a taste of the country life with a Zimms Farm piece in your home or workspace.

As always, each sign is made with love and prayer...

David & Aimee

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