About Us

We are a collective of creatives that come together to bring you an artisan marketplace like you have never experienced before. The pieces are carefully curated to bring you the warm, inviting feel that you would want your home to feel like.

Our comfortable, old world furniture has been completely restored and revived for another 100 years of living with your family, pets and hopefully even heirloomed to the future vintage and antique lovers of your family. Our artists create pieces that are specifically made for our store, so that you know where to find their exquisite work over and over again, yet always being handcrafted, are each individually different.

We have the most unique finds for your own collections or as gifts, surely to be deeply loved for their handmade qualities. We also feature artists from around the globe that feel as though we have been friends for years through the small world of internet travel. Our Fair Trade Designers bring us hand woven textiles from Tunisia, wool weavers from Mongolia and cobblers from India. These pieces collaborated with our genuine vintage and antique designs bring a personal flair and depth to designing your spaces.

Most of our artists are discovered locally and many also offer custom services and designs. Please be sure to visit our Resident Artist pages, where you can read about them and their craft.

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