Brass Incense Burner 2PC Large

Brass Incense Burner 2PC Large

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The timeless style of this solid brass burner is a multi purpose design!

1) The top tray can be easily used to burn our Cone Incense.

2) You may place a tealight in the bottom piece and burn scented wax, fragrance oils or essential oils.

3) You can also burn Resin Incense in these! Simply place your heated charcoal in the base and your Resin in the top tray. Depending on quality of Resin used, you may also simply be able to use a tealight or votive in the base.

These burners are 4" Tall and 3" at it's base.

Always use a protective material under your burner if you are using a candle in the base. The conductive heat from the brass may damage your surface. Do not touch the burner when hot-but you totally knew that.

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